Past Destinations and Dreams (Live from Kolo, 2012)

from Planned Obsolescence Redux by Stöj Snak



Recorded live in Kolonihavehuset, 01/04/2012


Your picture on the nightstand and a dried out potted plant, a few bags with the stuff that you left, flowers and condolences from people that we knew but whose names I can’t recall
A faded Post-It note with an obsolete to-do, things I would otherwise forget.
As everything else fades the smile in your shining eyes is never far out of mind

I want you to know when the world gets me down that’s what’s keeping me up

I won’t forget, these silhouettes can still bring back a life of feelings
As details fade and pictures break their frames, our lives maintain their meaning

Someone came to visit I had this feeling I should know
You said you were doing pretty well I said: ‘So am I’ and we sat silently and smiled for a while
And then she left
A faded Post-It note listing all our common goals; past destinations and dreams.
Most are left untouched because our remaining time suddenly ran away

I want you to know that though we never got that far, I couldn’t ask for anything more

I won’t forget...
Our love maintains its meaning


from Planned Obsolescence Redux, released April 6, 2012
Written by Niels Höjgaard Sörensen

Vocals and guitar - Niels Höjgaard Sörensen
Harmonica - Jesper Olsen




Stöj Snak Aalborg, Denmark

Stöj Snak is a SCREAMER-SONGWRITER project from Aalborg, DENMARK.

Musically and creatively Stöj Snak is shaped by the punk scene. And though Stöj Snak is a step away from punk and the limitations of a traditional band, the political engagement, raw energy and anarchistic DIY approach is still very visible in the songwriting. ... more

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