Planned Obsolescence

by Stöj Snak



released March 13, 2012

Written, produced and recorded by Niels Højgaard Sørensen
Mastered by Rasmus Glassau Clausen
in the 5FeetUnder Studio




Stöj Snak Aalborg, Denmark

Stöj Snak is a SCREAMER-SONGWRITER project from Aalborg, DENMARK.

Musically and creatively Stöj Snak is shaped by the punk scene. And though Stöj Snak is a step away from punk and the limitations of a traditional band, the political engagement, raw energy and anarchistic DIY approach is still very visible in the songwriting. ... more

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Track Name: How Much Teargas Does It Take Before You Start Seeing Red?
How Much Teargas Does It Take before You Start Seeing Red?

They’ve got their guns, they’ve got their shields
They’ve got their water cannons and their billy clubs
What do we got?
We’ve got these songs and we’ve got faith in the futures better days
Yeah, we’ve got faith in the future

We are sheep dressed for the day, we are running while they are keeping track
They set the scene and we obey; uphold the status quo to make sure the wheels are running
Our finest duty is to stand up and protest
How else will they know that things are fucked up where we are?

We own their guns, we own their shields
We own the billy clubs that are knocking on our skulls
What do they got? They’ve got no right
They are here for us and not the other way around
And we all own the future
Track Name: Past Destinations and Dreams
Past Destinations and Dreams

Your picture on the nightstand and a dried out potted plant, a few bags with the stuff that you left, flowers and condolences from people that we knew but whose names I can’t recall
A faded Post-It note with an obsolete to-do, things I would otherwise forget. As everything else fades the smile in your shining eyes is never far out of mind

I want you to know when the world gets me down that’s what’s keeping me up

I won’t forget, these silhouettes can still bring back a life of feelings
As details fade and pictures break their frames, our lives maintain their meaning

Someone came to visit I had this feeling I should know You said you were doing pretty well I said: ‘So am I’ and we sat silently and smiled for a while And then she left
A faded Post-It note listing all our common goals; past destinations and dreams. Most are left untouched because our remaining time suddenly ran away

I want you to know that though we never got that far, I couldn’t ask for anything more

I won’t forget…
Our love maintains its meaning
Track Name: Hoops and Safty Nets
Hoops and Safety Nets

Jump through their hoops, jump as the world’s set on fire
Don’t live a long life and expect to be remembered
Burn all the safety nets and throw yourself on the wire
Life’s too short for lasting heroes

Everyone knows because everyone been there before you
With hearts set on fire and no need for explanations
Everyone knows how easy these moments will pass you
They all dwell on wasted chances

You’re searching your life for an alibi, pushing the past until now
It seems all opportunities passed you by but these problems seem to fix themselves somehow

Heed their directions then go find your own destination
Break all their cages and forget about being remembered
Pass all the obstacles and speed bumps at your own pace and sing your heart out like it mattered

Run out of here
Nothing is holding you back
Track Name: Float
Float out with the wind, head for the horizon
Take all that you have in mind and dump it into the ocean
Here the distance will kill, words get lost in the wind
We scream till there’s nothing to hear at all and the echoes drown out the answers

We are all passengers on this vessel, floating
All just waiting a tidal wave of change

I am not scared to die; I am scared to leave you behind me
But I will see what I can believe and hold you while I can still breathe

We are both passing on like everything before us
But just waiting for the ending is not the same
I will keep on hanging on till the edges are frayed
As long as this still feels like a journey I will remain on this vessel we made
Track Name: Something to Drink About
Something to Drink About

Go fuck the world, let's have a party I have an urge to somehow blow my mind out
It's filled with thoughts I want to un-think about our lives and how we keep from giving in
Let's fucking drink

Let's raise a glass to this fine evening and lower our hopes for what the future will bring us
Let's drink to all our empty choices - here's to whatever and just another round before we pass out

There is no point in trying to return
We still have memories to burn
Let's drown the night in jokes and dance and song
Before we turn to face the places we belong

We are young and we are hopeless
We drink to become numb to our perspectives
Our hopes and dreams are long forgotten
We'll make the best of what our parents left us here
They left us here

There's no point in trying to return
We still have bridges left to burn
Let's be unbound by all their rights and wrongs
We won't be free until there's nowhere we belong

We are here to unlearn the teachings of the church, state, and our educational system. We are here to drink beer. We are here to kill war. We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.
- Charles Bukowski
Track Name: Planned Obsolescence
Planned Obsolescence

Sinking to the ocean floor with feet in concrete in breaking dawn
We would walk among the shapes of yesterdays that are long gone
Let’s all embrace the present now as it’s unfolding into our arms
Because what we have is not build to last
We won’t be saved, we’re all the same

We cling to ancient ideas, the script in concrete that fit our needs
Let’s all embrace what we have left, what we achieved and broke again
Nothing we made was built to last
There’s no escape, we won’t be saved…

Every society honors its live conformists and its dead troublemakers.
- Mignon McLaughlin