The Mass Extinction Split

by Stöj Snak / Speed Dinosaurs

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“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”
Greek proverb


released April 19, 2019

Stöj Snak songs:

Niels Højgaard Sørensen - Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, organs, distortion pedals
Rasmus Glassau Clausen - Drums, tamborine
Jeppe Plöger Nørgaard - Upright bass
Jesper Olsen - Harmonica, jaw harp

Guest Musicians:
Slagterens Tove - Vibraphone and additional synth
John Davison - Ukulele, timple and backing vocals
Lasse Olsen - Gangbanging

All songs written, recorded, produced and mixed by Niels Højgaard Sørensen
Co-produced and mastered by Rasmus Glassau Clausen

Speed Dinosaurs songs:

Adam Savage - Cajon and vocals
Jonathan Harris - double bass and vocals
John Davison - ukulele and vocals
(Davison plays bass on track 3, Harris uke)

Guest Musicians:
Liz Edwards - Euphonium on Fracking
Niels Højgaard Sørensen - Background yelling on Fracking
Ben Hannah and Liz Wigley - additional vocals on Fracking
Eben Savage - Fracking intro
Commoners Choir - choral vocals on Fracking

All tracks recorded at The Organworks Recordings, Bramley:
Produced, mixed and mastered by Ben Hannah.
Commoners Choir, vocals recorded and arranged by Boff Whalley at their practice space in Otley




Stöj Snak Aalborg, Denmark

Stöj Snak is a SCREAMER-SONGWRITER project from Aalborg, DENMARK.

Musically and creatively Stöj Snak is shaped by the punk scene. And though Stöj Snak is a step away from punk and the limitations of a traditional band, the political engagement, raw energy and anarchistic DIY approach is still very visible in the songwriting. ... more

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Track Name: Drink from the Well
We’re building walls on a shaking foundation but we’re too busy to notice
And when we’re done here we will leave pretty houses for a world where no one can live
With happiness always just out of reach, we follow the trails that run into the ground
To become kings of ashes we will burn the whole world down

But once we could drink from the well

We’ve sprayed our fields till the weeds grew resistant, pulled dragnets through every oceans
Replaced our forests with deserts and landfills to ensure a steady growth
We've poisoned the waters and ruined the crops so what do we say our kids turn to us
And ask us to justify all this mess - they will reap what we sow

Once we could drink from the well

The sky will open up and flush out all the filth
To settle the score
Soon our bloated remains, stuffed with plastic bits
will wash upon the shore

And form a new foundation in all colors and shapes
For future generations
To build their shaking lives and be reminded of us

Once we could drink from the well
Track Name: Apex Predator
This apex predator go hunt for frozen food and stand in line in shopping malls
Waiting the fall
Its roars of complete victory can be heard, its carbon footprints shake the earth
Waiting the fall

But when the power goes, we’ll go out with a shock
And when the dinosaurs come back to feed we’re fucked

We’re fucked!
Track Name: Cosmic Irony
All our life we’ve heard the same old song
Now’s our last chance to change the path we're on
With waves of heat, barren fields and floods
This thing’s been looming long to put an end to us

If these threats came from some foreign nation
We would have wiped it out years ago

What we need a common enemy
this one can occupy the (entire) weapons industry
A war for all that’ll make our children proud
And leave a home for their children, able to sprout

It’s time to change the tide so it won’t kill us
And turn those good intentions into ways
We’ve got a fucking war to win

Na na, na na na na

Don’t you see the cosmic irony
In pressing on this way and putting all our faith
In terraforming of some distant rock
When we can’t even take care of the one we’ve got

I'd love to see the world from your perspective
But my head won't fit that far up my ass
All our spoils somehow turned us defective
But it's not the end of the world, just of us

We got a fucking war to win
Track Name: Fracking
Hydrochloric acid, ethylene glycol, formic acid, benzene,
polyacrylamide, magnesium peroxide, tetramethyl ammonium chloride

Down goes the drill bit into the ground, cutting out the shaft kilometres down
A sideways turn, kilometres on, fractures the rocks with a ‘perforation gun’

The high-pressure mix is pumped down the hole, pushed between the rocks is a gel-like ooze
Up comes the methane off to be burned - 25 times more climate changing than C02
(It’s the most potent, climate changing gas there is)

Down goes the pipe, better get it right, cos if it goes wrong it could spill out of sight
Into the aquifer, which won’t be very nice, and your tap water could set on fire
Could set on fire

8 million litres of water, 200,000 litres of chemicals,
some are toxic, poisonous, carcinogenic, corrosive and highly flammable

Up from the earth comes half of the mixture but now it’s radioactive with arsenic and lead
millions of years of geological processes - produced something so toxic it could kill you dead

Half of the fluid stays in the ground, at least we presume, there’s no long-term research
the high-energy consumption of the process will be over before the environment is left in the lurch

Half of the fluid is taken to be ‘treated’ but they can’t remove the toxic chemical risk
It’s taken to be dumped into the river with the otters, voles, the birds and the fish

Hydrochloric acid, ethylene glycol, formic acid, benzene,
lauryl sulphate, sodium erythorbate - we’ve got to stop fracking before it’s too late

Cos there is no safe protection from the frac-fluid, only for the corporate investor
Are the unforeseen environmental consequences worth brutality towards the protester?

Contaminated drinking water, limited knowledge of seismology
This short-term, poisonous, toxic, corrosive, carcinogenic, radioactive process is pure folly!

So put the pressure on, the government are wrong,
they have lackeys, but we have right on our side
Do what you can to cause a fracking ban -
create a future from which you don’t wanna hide

Stand side by side.
Track Name: Triceratops
In late Cretaceous north Pangaea - lived the triceratops
A plant eater with a three-horned face - triceratops
Up to 9 metres with a beak like a bird – triceratops
Track Name: The Biggest Mass Extinction
Just because there was a meteor and a big dust cloud that made it get real cold…

The biggest mass extinction wasn’t the one that happened to the dinosaurs
We evolved from 4% of species of the one 250 million years before

Permian – Triassic
A mono-continent existed on the planet
It was dramatic, ocean acidic, when an enormous volcano went and split it

Caused global warming, CO2 forming, bacteria emitted a lotta, lotta methane
Ozone depletion (mass extinction!)
Gamma radiation (decomposition!)
Redistribution because of extinction

Marine life develops complexity

The biggest mass extinction wasn’t the one that happened to the dinosaurs
We evolved from a fraction of species of the one 440 million years ago

Ordovician – Silurian
Characterised by extreme glaciation
Oceans lack oxygen, sea levels drop and then, 86% of life on earth is lost again

Late Devonian, mass extinction
Prolonged climate change, 365 million
years ago three quarters of species choked when algae suffocated the seas of oxygen

So animals, insects, plants and amphibians - made their way onto the land

So the biggest mass extinction wasn’t the one that happened to the dinosaurs
But do we understand our predicament of changing conditions beyond their sub-norms?

So if you think radically changing the environment will not affect you –
Look at the balance of pre-history and decide what’s true
Look at the fate of high food chain animals and decide what’s true
Look at the balance of pre-history and decide what’s true
Look to the balance of geological history and decide what’s true