Fuck EP

by Stöj Snak



You wouldn't think that writing songs about free, consensual sex would make much sense this day of age - in fact I almost threw out this song because I thought the lyrics were outdated and redundant. However, every now and then ridicules and quite scary events (like the Russian anti-gay laws) occur to remind us that the freedom to be who you are and express your love the way that you find best is not prevailing everywhere and that this freedom is something still worth standing up for. If for nothing else than to show everyone, who feel that their sexuality, choice of partner(s) or whatever is being looked down upon in one way or another, that we are many people everywhere who are on their side.

Love is one of the few uncorrupted things that make this world worth living in. So fuck how you want to fuck. And if anyone else tries to tell you differently; fuck them!

This EP is for everyone who dares to love...

- Live recording of How Much Teargas...
- Chords and lyrics for the songs
- Liner notes
- Picutre of handwritten, hipster-ish thank you note.


released August 27, 2013



All songs written by Niels Höjgaard Sörensen

Recorded, produced and mixed by Niels Höjgaard Sörensen
Mastered by Rasmus Glassau Clausen
Cover painted by Jill Juul Jacobsen with a bit of text added on by Niels

Bonus track recorded live in the 5FeetUnder Studio by Niels Höjgaard Sörensen, Jesper Olsen and Rasmus Glassau Clausen
Rasmus Glassau Clausen mixed and mastered the track.
Original song appears on Planned Obsolescence Redux from 2012


Niels Höjgaard Sörensen
Vocals, guitars, bass, banjo, keyboards, melodica, old toys and trash percussion, programming and egg shakers

Rasmus Glassau Clausen
Hi-hat, throat spanks, growls and additional shakers

Slagterens Tove
Floating synths in the background




Stöj Snak Aalborg, Denmark

Stöj Snak is a SCREAMER-SONGWRITER project from Aalborg, DENMARK.

Musically and creatively Stöj Snak is shaped by the punk scene. And though Stöj Snak is a step away from punk and the limitations of a traditional band, the political engagement, raw energy and anarchistic DIY approach is still very visible in the songwriting. ... more

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Track Name: Fuck!

I hear them talking of freedom,
I hear them lecture in love
But somehow this set of values only applies
Inside the boxes they know

It's the same old story of cognitive dissonance and closet boners
The same old chorus of bullshit arguments based on the same old beliefs
Get out and move on

They want to streamline emotions, make everyone feel the same
They only care for the morals that strengthen their cause
And fill our lives up with shame

The same old chorus of straight cocks that want everyone to bend over
The same old story of narrow pussies that shun what does not fit with them
Get out and move on

So fuck how you want to fuck
Give it all and do it right
So fuck who you want to fuck
But most all fuck them; this is your life
Get out and move on

Here is to love beyond borders, tradition, gender and race
Let's tear down the walls that confines us, let's make some room
to make some sense of this place

It's the same old chorus, the same worn-out bigotry and bullshit stories
How long before we can all just be free to live love that we want?

So fuck how you want to fuck
Give it all and do it right
So fuck who you want to fuck
But most all fuck them; this is your life
Track Name: Crooks and Criminals
Crooks and Criminals

We all pray to be un-saved
We all slave to get out of this place
We will die way too young

Could we just somehow go back and take a few turns differently
All this could be undone

We’re all pawns in the chess game; what we’ve got, every contribution
We will make for the greater good

At the hands of crooks and criminals we agreed to give in and give up all our basic rights
At the hands of crooks and criminals can we be expected to ever do anything but wrong?